The Wheelchair Power Pack Change Your Wheelchair Usage

Customers of manual wheelchairs may enjoy the physicality of keeping mobile, but it can be a substantial strain to a flexibility sufferer or elderly patient in the long run. Weakened muscles and increased fatigue make it a struggle up slopes and on rugged landscape – that’s where wheelchair power packs come in.

Motorised powerpacks for wheelchairs mean you will not ever need to push your wheelchair again with reliable and durable power generators attachable within seconds. Individual and twin wheel strength packs can be attached with any manual wheelchair with a simple switch on the hand controls which makes it a very flexible addition to your home range of motion products collection.

A wheelchair motor is so easy to use, install and store so that it is a viable option to breathe new life into an old manual vehicle. A power pack means that rather than pushing their wheelchair you can simply walk behind with your thumb on the control to leave the motor do all the work for you.

These motors are designed to provide extra traction for all gradients as well as the option to reverse operated by a simple start the hands control. The wheelchair engines hit speeds of upwards to 4mph with upwards to 18 stone on board and it is capable of a range of upwards to 10 miles for each charge – ample adequacy for a day away.

Heavy duty wheelchair power packs are also available to get, designed to give more power to push mobility sufferers up to twenty six stone and a chance to tackle tricky slopes and challenging terrain with confidence.

Typically the portability of wheelchair motors means that it is light enough to take anywhere – pack it neatly in a holdall and take it with you in a car or over a coach, train, motorboat or plane. Providing extra versatility and functionality, power packs can transform each day wheelchair usage.