Bimodal IT creates a rapid path for company program delivery

Digital innovation projects appear significantly different from conventional program development endeavors.

Characteristics for Mode 1: Development jobs related to stability core system care or efficacy. These require conventional, slow moving development cycles and highly specialized programmers. There is little need for business involvement.

Characteristics for Mode 2: Development endeavors which help innovate or differentiate the business. These demand a high degree of regular update, fast turnaround, and business involvement.

By splitting into two styles, IT teams can ensure that they have the right people, process, and technology to support business initiatives without affecting long-term care projects. WaveMaker’s rapid application development platform is the ideal technology for your IT fast lane that is bimodal. Find out the way you can accelerate drive and innovation toward better business results.

An accelerated path from WaveMaker, for your Bimodal IT strategy

Existing IT attempts are augmented by our platform so that a different cross-functional team of business and IT folks can quickly examine new digital notions and iterate toward the perfect business solution, while keeping possible business impact high reducing risk on your team.

Our success stems from business logic workflows and our signature visual modeling abilities which make it simple for IT and business groups to collaborate in a common language. There are three core parts that bring:

1. Support across the entire application lifecycle enabling agility and speed through the design, assemble, deploy, iterate, and manage periods of the cycle.
3. Cooperation applications enabling feedback cycles and better project management in order for your jobs remain on track and you also deliver the highest-quality apps.

Learn more about WaveMaker and developing a fast lane using a rapid application development system and the way that it fits within your bimodal IT strategy.